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About Us


Our Services

A listing of the services we provide.

  • New Underground Sprinkler System Installations
  • Underground Sprinkler System Upgrade and Repair
  • Seasonal Maintenance of Underground Sprinkler System
  • Startup & Winterization (with or without Backflow Prevention Assembly Test)
  • Backflow Prevention Assembly Testing

Company Highlights & Education

  • Over 10 Years Experience
  • Installing new systems
  • Servicing existing systems
  • Backflow Prevention Assembly Testing (Certification #27-00312)

Our Products

Considered a modern convenience, automated underground sprinkler systems give users back time while efficiently keeping the grass green. One of the key factors is watering the lawn during the night. This allows for maximum usage of water during the hot months of summer as a loss of water due to evaporation is common when watering during warm days.

All systems are designed to accommodate the specific properties to which they are installed. Medium range RainBird rotors cover larger areas of the yard while RainBird pop-up sprays do very well to cover boulevards, short grassy areas, flower beds, and other applicable uses. Drip systems can be installed to give flower beds or potted plants the moisture they require.

Sprinkler systems by Water Smart Montana, LLC are installed using a DitchWitch 410 Series with a vibratory plow. The carbite point on this plow allows 1” 100lb poly pipe to be ran in established grass or new dirt work. Digging marks in established grass generally green up within a few months of installation with regular watering. Sprinkler heads are installed with plastic pipe and elbow fittings at their base in order to provide some give, though every head is tamped into place. Valve box placement is taken into special consideration in hopes to keep them away from lawn equipment yet still provide an accessible means for client and technician. Annual service contracts are available.

Once installed, new systems are tested and adjusted for maximum efficiency. In accordance with state codes, sprinkler systems are installed with a Pressure Vaccuum Breaker backflow preventer. From there, water is piped to a valve manifold with a given number of valves depending on system requirements. These valves, RainBird DVA-100's, perform well and are relatively easy to service when installed correctly. With a RainBird module controller acting as the brain of the system, the timer will tell the valves when and for how long to open.

Newer systems have been installed with RainBird weather sensors. These weather sensors will shut down an irrigation system when they detect cold weather (33-37 degrees) and moisture (¼ to 1/8 inch of rain) given the user setting. These products have proven to save clients water during the rainy months.

Service is a very important aspect of underground sprinklers. Systems can seem overwhelming to new users, especially if installed over ten years ago. New product lines and continued field experiences allow technicians to simplify systems while increasing efficiency.

Cody Beck, Owner

Cody Beck, Owner

Our Experience

2001 - JD's Sprinkler Systems - General Laborer

Information about experience here.

2006: Blanchford Landscaping: Foreman, Irrigation Division

Information about experience here.

2007: Owner/Operator: Rainmaker Sprinklers

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Our Portfolio

  • Backflow Prevention Assembly Testing
    Regular testing of backflow prevention assemblies aides to assure their proper working order. These assemblies allow the flow of water in one direction only, keeping contaminants out of drinking water....
  • New Sprinkler System Installation
    All new designed and installed sprinkler systems are unique to the property they will be serving.  A group of specifics and constants accompanies all new installs.  Mandatory water pressure considerations,...
  • Trenching
    The Ditch Witch 410sx series Vibratory Plow with Trencher attachment provides smooth installation of poly pipe during sprinkler system installation, but also has a ground trenching attachment allowing for installation...
  • Sprinkler System Yearly Maintenance
    Proper upkeep of underground sprinkler systems almost guarantees proper function for the following seasons.  Water Smart Montana, LLC annually winterizes systems the first week in October.  Systems are drained where...