• Backflow Prevention Assembly Testing
    Regular testing of backflow prevention assemblies aides to assure their proper working order. These assemblies allow the flow of water in one direction only, keeping contaminants out of drinking water....
  • New Sprinkler System Installation
    All new designed and installed sprinkler systems are unique to the property they will be serving.  A group of specifics and constants accompanies all new installs.  Mandatory water pressure considerations,...
  • Trenching
    The Ditch Witch 410sx series Vibratory Plow with Trencher attachment provides smooth installation of poly pipe during sprinkler system installation, but also has a ground trenching attachment allowing for installation...
  • Sprinkler System Yearly Maintenance
    Proper upkeep of underground sprinkler systems almost guarantees proper function for the following seasons.  Water Smart Montana, LLC annually winterizes systems the first week in October.  Systems are drained where...


Welcome to WaterSmart Montana's website!  We are excited to showcase what we have to offer from Sprinkler System Installation, repair and more!

Considered a modern convenience, automated underground sprinkler systems give users back time while efficiently keeping the grass green. One of the key factors is watering the lawn during the night. This allows for maximum usage of water during the hot months of summer as a loss of water due to evaporation is common when watering during warm days.

SprinklerService is a very important aspect of underground sprinklers. Systems can seem overwhelming to new users, especially if installed over ten years ago. New product lines and continued field experiences allow technicians to simplify systems while increasing efficiency.

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